Recently, I pulled out my old Barnes and Noble Nook. Way back in 2017, I jumped on the bandwagon of this newest technology of owning a device capable of storing a gazillion books all in one spot. Since I love reading, I thought I would love this Library in my pocket contraption. However, I found that I didn't like it at all. Don't get me wrong, it was well made,  I purchased the cute little case for it, I downloaded a million books. But I can honestly say, I don't believe I ever read to completion one of them. I found out I am a old school girl, I want the feel of the book in my hands, the smell of the paper pages and I wanted to have that tedious job of turning the pages.

So, as I was saying, I pulled it out the other day thinking that maybe now, after all these years of reading blogs on my computer, perhaps I might enjoy reading books on a device. I dusted it off, charged it up and was ready to go, or so I thought.

First thing I ran into was that it had my old wifi listed as my internet. So I removed that and added my new account. So I connected and started browsing all the books I had downloaded, mostly they were the ones I could get for free back then,always the penny pincher.

 What I found during this browsing, was that over the years my interest have changed in many ways. Most of the books I have no desire to read now. So, I thought, I will just find that little pinhole thingy, poke it with a paperclip and reset it and Tadah! I would have a empty, like new device.

Nope, notta, didn't happen. There was no pinhole thingy.

So I jumped on the old Google and started looking up videos to show me how to hard reset my Nook Glowlight Plus from 2017. What I found was, well, it is a dinosaur, and none of the ways to reset a Nook included one as old as mine.

This got me a thinking, like I do. My mind started churning, and it kept settling on this thought.......Am I too old for a reset?

So as I thought a bit deeper on that question, I felt God was looking at me with a look of sadness as he said the word, "Never."

See, God sent us his son Jesus, for that very reason, to wash away our sins and give  us a reset. And he offers us the power to reset as often as we must to get up and running and working properly. 

I once read a poem, or article, that was titled, "When I say I am a Christian". 

Look it up, its a good one. To give you the idea, it basically says that when you announce you are a christian, if you are a true christian, you know that you sin daily and need a reset daily. That when you say you are a Christian, you are not announcing that you are perfect and sinless.

 I know I am fallible and need a reset daily. If you are human, you need it too. We sin daily. Another great thing I once heard, "Don't judge me because I sin differently than you!" Not sure who said it, but it is a good one. Sin is Sin, no matter how big or small, they are all equal as Sin is never good.

 I know people who believe they do not have a reset button. They believe that they are too old to change their ways, too warn out to get a fresh start, too far gone.

Boy, have I got good news for you!!  God says, "NEVER!!!!"

He says, come as you are, filthy with sin, and I will hit that reset button and make you clean and new to start fresh.

 Another thing that might be a surprise to you.....He knows any ways.  

He sees all, hears all, knows all. You can't hide from him. He knows the sin you are about to commit before you commit it. I know, some are now reading that and saying, "then why does he let me commit it?" Because he gave you free will to choose. Just like you make that choice to sin, you can make that choice to go the other way. And no matter how many times you've made the wrong choice, he is waiting for you to come to him and admit what he already knows, and ask him to save you. He wants you to pray for him to strengthen you to turn away from sin.

You see God is like a loving parent. He tells what he expects from you, and then he will sit back and watch as you insist on feeling the pain of doing it wrong wondering why you keep choosing to do it the hard way. He gives you all the wisdom in his word, yet you keep going the wrong direction. 

Funny how Satan makes it so easy. Following Jesus in a fallen world is not a easy thing, temptations are all around you. Satan knows that, and he will just keep tempting you. He knows your weakness, and boy does he know how to use them against you. 

But God, he can be your strength. 

Let me tell you, no sin, NOT ONE, is too bad for him to forgive. He is just waiting for you to ask for that forgiveness. He is standing there, just waiting to hit that reset button, to make you fresh and clean and ready to work to your full potential.

You see, he has a plan and a purpose for you, and he knows you are going to have trials and temptations trying to live them out. He wants you to learn the big lesson, to depend on him. He is the only one that knows all! You can't out smart him, he sees it and hears it ALL!!!!

So why keep trying to hide it? Why keep feeling stuck? Why allow yourself to feel unworthy? Why feel abandoned, when you are loved by a God that promises that he will never abandon or forsake you.

You can be reset, you aren't too old. You aren't too far gone!

God can still use you! You are not ready for the salvage yard! He wants to make you ready for Heaven!

To end up in eternity with Jesus, you don't have to be perfect, as a matter of fact perfection is unattainable by you and every other human. Perfection, is a lie! You just need to admit, confess you are a sinner (he knows already)just tell him, he wants you to admit your sin. Then he wants you to accept that you are nothing without him, ask him into your heart, and make a covenant to work daily on following him, doing his will.

"What does that look like', a few might be asking. It looks a lot like you being you, the only difference is you don't go along with the crowd. You stand up for Jesus, sharing him every chance you get. "How do you share Jesus", you might ask. You don't have to preach it all the time, you share Jesus by living as he would. You get so close in relationship with him that when people see you, they see him. "How can you do that" talk to him, pray daily, read your Bible.

You can do it! God made you who you are! He doesn't give you too big a job!

You just need to be willing to hit the reset button, clear out the garbage you've accumulated over the years, the poor choices still dragging you down, haunting you. The feeling of unworthiness the devil has placed on your heart. 

Hit the reset, start fresh.

This Friday is Good Friday, the day that Jesus hung on a cross so that you could hit the reset button. Don't let him have done it in vain. He gave up his life, to save yours and let me tell you, you aren't too far to be saved.

He is standing there, waiting to help you be who he planned for you to be. 

You are not your sin! Read that again, "YOU ARE NOT YOUR SIN!!" 

You are a child of God, Loved and Accepted. Your sin is forgivable. Just ask, take it to him, place it at his feet, and watch him lift up your chin and reset your life. Don't carry the weight of all that anymore........

You can reset by doing the things I have mentioned above, if you would like to go further, Baptism is a great way to symbolically show the commitment you are making to stop, turn and follow Jesus. Feel free to contact me, I can get you in contact with some amazing Pastors that can baptize you.

My Nook, it is stuck with all those garbage books (many self help books.....before I learned that there is one book that has all the answers, and that is the Bible) I can't reset it, every time I want to look up a new book I download, I have to see all those garbage books.

 Your life is not like my Nook. 

Let Jesus wash away, delete, remove, clear out all the garbage. 

Hit the reset! It is available to you!

Be Blessed,

Sunday is coming!!

The Happy Farmwife


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