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Have you ever had a day or week where you have so many things swirling around in your head? Your thoughts are like ping pong balls bouncing all over the place?

If you are a follower of this Blog, you understand the title, as my mind wanders often. I am that girl that can't sleep at night because my brain won't rest as it thinks of random things, causing random unanswered questions.

Out of the blue recently a thing hit me that is going to make you look head cocked like a confused puppy at me and think, duh?!

Why do we cry? We cry because we are hurt!

 Sure we have moments of happy tears, but I think that most often tears come from pain. 

Many of you know I am a Grandma and watch my grand babies a couple days each week for their parents to work outside the home. I see tears from them, and if I am being honest, these tears sometimes cause this Grandma to have them too. It just hurts me to see them sad. Because even if they cry because a "no" had to be given to keep them safe, they aren't crying because they didn't get what they wanted, which is what most adults think, they are crying because they don't understand the "why's" yet. So, if you stop to think, when a child cries it is always out of pain. (they deserve to be comforted, not told to stop or be treated as if their tears are unnecessary and annoying) The child is hurting, show them compassion even when you have to stick to your guns about the "no" you had to give......remember, its is over hurt a child cries, nothing else, they are too young to understand selfishness. 

Anyways, see I told you, my mind goes all over the place. 

But as you can also see, in me, a Grandma that cries when her grandchildren cry, and when most anyone cries......

I am a true empath. Every emotion that is humanly possible to have, I, for some reason have been cursed or blessed with feeling it a million times stronger than the normal and it doesn't even have to be my own pain, but I feel others pain. I have watched tragedies on the news and it has affected me for days, even weeks before. I hurt when others hurt.

I recently saw on social media that a young couple about to get married.....IN A MONTH....just lost everything when they arrived to their house after celebrating the upcoming nuptials, to find their home on fire.

 Devastating.....no other word even comes to mind other than....DEVASTATING!

In reading the article about their story and reading the Go Fund Me set up to help them, I saw something that hit me so hard in my heart, that I sat in my living room crying for them. (total strangers, yet I was hurting severe pain for them as my heart broke last night) 

In the fire, they lost their beloved fur baby. They had a dog, social media says his name was "Buddy". He didn't make it out of the fire. Before reading that, I felt devastation for them as they had lost all the gifts they just received at the recent Bridal Shower, I felt sadness. 

But seeing they lost their "Boy Buddy" hit me like a stake through my heart. And I just started sobbing.

Material things can be replaced, but a new pup won't ever replace this boy they loved so much as was evident on every post you saw, as friends and family posted RIP post for this sweet pup.

So often we see the quote, "You never know what someone is going through , so just be kind!" or something similar to that. It is so true! This young couple are getting ready to begin the adventure of their life. They should be experiencing those rare happy tears. But instead, they are experiencing a huge loss, their first home, their gifts given by caring friend and family, but worse than that, "sweet Buddy".

If I were to see this couple out in town, I would not know them. But because of their story I know that they have a lot to be doing just weeks away from their wedding day. So even in their grief they have plans that have to be made, and things that must get done. And now they have a home to repair or look for a new one, they have needs that will have to be replaced such as clothing, furniture etc. They have lost everything. Most of us have never been through such loss, most of us can't even imagine such loss.

Most of us get married and face little things like disagreeing on the color the kitchen should be. These two are about to get married while in the very beginning stages of grief. 

Their emotions have got to be all over the place, and their stress level....I cannot even wrap my head around what they are feeling. I know that it has to be a pain and grief larger than life.

Why do I cry? I do not know them? I cry because I can't stand imagining how their hearts have shattered, and how sadness is over taking what should be one of the happiest times of their lives. I cry because they didn't just lose material things that can be replaced, but they lost a living, loving, member of their family in their pup, Buddy. I cry because I can feel their pain, and yet I know their is know way I am feeling it at the level they are, and yet it was crushing me. I cry because if it is crushing me and hurting me, I can't imagine the over powering pain they must be feeling, the confusion, the feeling it can't be real, and the heart break of it all.

I have lost fur babies, and some non-animal people might not refer to a pet as anything other than a pet. But for me and my family, they are family. They hold huge parts of our hearts, and are loved as much as the humans in the home. The household items can be replaced......ugh, I wish I could bring their Boy Buddy back.

I am still feeling sad, it's effecting me a day later.....again, I do not know them.

I wouldn't usually do this on my Blog, I don't even know if it is frowned upon, but If you are reading this, and have the financial means, will you consider messaging me for the Go Fund Me link to donate.  Jim and I donated and are for certain praying for them. But not everyone has the financial means to do so. 

If you cannot financially help this young couple, would you please put them in your prayers, because they are in need of both.

In signing off, I will just say this. Look around, see your blessings, in your grumbling, realize that others really do sometimes have it worse than you.

And my final wish for all of you following my blog.......

 May your life have more happy tears than sad, and may you remember to be kind, as we truly never know the pain others are facing.

Be Blessed,

The Happy Farmwife


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