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Going back in Time

  I WISH TO GO BACK IN TIME I wish to go back in time, but not for the reasons some would. I don't want to change things about my life as I have gotten used to the good and bad parts. But to go back to where I just lived would be great! Wondering what I am talking about? I am talking about when you got up in the morning ready to face the day and just lived. I long for the days of going to my job as a twenty year old, and even on the bad days appreciating that I had a job. A job that afforded me to get out on my own and live in my own apartment, pay for my own car, have control of everything about my life.  When I look back, I was pretty young and already taking care of myself and yet I didn't have a care in the world. I didn't stress over anything, and that is the Gods honest truth. Here I was paying bills, buying groceries, paying rent, car payments, on my own and I didn't stress, I just lived. That was back in the late 80's.  What is so different

Thinking out Loud

  I am finding a new Table....God is preparing it for me! It is the end of the year once again, time to get things in order. I like organization, but the one place that gets unorganized the most is my office space.  I make little notes of things I wonder about, or Bible verses to look up or to look closer at and at the end of the year I see half started lists of things.  I wonder why I start these things, that appear to be very beneficial, but somewhere along the line I stop making time for them. It is actually funny what I learn about myself and what I must have been thinking at different times throughout the year when I find these little treasures. I found a note that said "I am not broken, I do not need fixed." Another that said, "Stop trying to please people, just keep pleasing God." That last one though, hmmm, we all fall short sometimes don't we. Being human isn't so fun when you think about it. We are not perfect, we make mistakes.  But we also have t