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HOW TO LIVE SLOW IN A HURRIED WORLD Raise your hand if you often feel overwhelmed and exhausted before you even step out of bed.  I would bet to say that you are not alone.  I recently started a Bible Study with my girls called, "Growing Slow" by Jennifer Dukes Lee.  We are only on the second chapter, so I am still learning how to "grow slow" but it has brought, (in just the intro and first chapter), to my realization how hurried we all really are becoming. Some where in all the growth in technology, we have made life more difficult rather than the original plan to make life easier.  People always think drugs or alcohol, when they hear the word addict.  Most would even state proudly, "I am not an addict!"  But lets be honest here, we are all addicts .   We all feel this need to be connected to a million people through a million devices and social media platforms.  Add to that, whether we want to admit it or not, we want to keep up with everyone.  Some peop

Books, Books and More Books

  Books, Books and More Books Books, I love books.  If you read my Bio, I mention that as a child the Librarian used to have to tell me I had a limit on how many books I could check out each visit.  In our big farmhouse, I have a library of bookshelves full of books. One can never have to many books is my motto. I love most books, Fiction, Non-fiction.  I do not care for science fiction, perhaps because I most often can't wrap my brain around most of that type writing.  I do not have a brain that understands science fiction books.   As a child I loved books like the original "Boxcar Children", "Little House and the Prairie", "Pippy Longstocking", "Madeline", "Caddy Woodlong". As a teenager, I was drawn to poetry and young love type novels, such as "Sooner or Later", "Are you their God? it's Me Margaret?", "Peter and Veronica", "Stawberry girl".  As a young Mom I found myself purchasing mor


  TOYS AT THE END OF THE DRIVEWAY: THE LAST TIMES The other day, Jim and I were headed off to a farm auction.  It was about a hour and a half away.  I always enjoy going and seeing all the cool old stuff selling, but I also enjoy the drive. I am guessing that maybe since yesterday was one of the first warm days we have had,  that everyone was cleaning out garages or something.  Or perhaps the children all received new toys from the Bunny since we just celebrated Easter and so were tossing out the old.  Whatever it was, it seemed I saw a lot of driveways with toys at the end of them. Our son just celebrated his twenty ninth birthday on Good Friday, so possibly that is why these toys struck me as they did, but I couldn't help but think how sad.  I suppose for the children it wasn't sad, because they must have received new toys, but for me it brought back a realization of what those toys sitting out for trash signified. I once said after becoming a Mom that I felt like from the ti


  SPRING ON THE FARM Spring on the farm, is always beautiful.  Seems within days the tree out my kitchen window buds and within a week tiny leaves start to emerge.  The birds start chirping and it seems so peaceful.  Well it would be peaceful,But out in the barn it is hammers banging, tractors grumbling and my husband with dirt smudged on his face like a child getting all the equipment ready. It is a busy time for him, yet he seems at peace.  There is a calm even in the busy when you love and live for what you do.  He has worked this ground since he was just a young boy.  He was born and raised here and at about eight years old he drove a tractor for the first time. (*fun fact, we still have that tractor). It was always him and his Pa, side by side, best Pals.  We lost his Dad last winter at the age of Ninety five, just a few weeks from ninety six.  It hit us all hard. He was a great man who loved Jesus, his family and his farm.  That was all that mattered to him.  A quiet man who kept


 KICKED OFF FACEBOOK So I recently started this blog, and planned to use it for a few things. One was to follow a dream to share my writings.  Two was to put some positive out in the world. Three was just for fun. So I posted my first blog post, shared it on facebook.  I was pleased with a few commenting and some wanting to know how to follow to not miss any of my writings.  So I posted a second post, again, comments, new followers.  Now mind you, this is a blog......I am not a author that has ever published anything. I do not make any money off my writings. This was just a fun outlet, a place to share things that pop into my head.  A place of very little to none controversial topics, absolutely zero politics, just the meandering thoughts of a happy farm wife....hence the Blog Title.   I was trying to space out my blog post, however, I know other bloggers that post daily.  I posted on Good Friday, and received more messages complimenting my writing.  The last blog post was about how qu


  What is so Good about Friday: A Mothers Perspective So here we are in the middle of Holy week and I ask myself....What is so Good About Friday?  Think about it, we call it "Good Friday" because it lead to something good for us...The Resurrection!!  But imagine poor Mary. Lets start from the beginning.  Mary is this young girl, some have determined she was like 12 years old.  Suddenly she finds herself pregnant, yet still a virgin.  She is in love and planning to marry the man of her dreams, but now she has to explain to him that she is with child.  Unable to fully understand it herself, she has to tell him and hope that he doesn't turn his back on her.  So her pregnancy started with heart break and stress.  Joseph had his own confusion as in a dream he is told Mary is pregnant with the son of God. They have to flee the city to have the child, more stress.  The child arrives healthy and I am sure instantly is the apple of his Mama's eye. They are told their child is