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Where Have I been?

 Wonder Where I have Been? I started this blog with so many ideas of what I wanted to share, and all at once I hit a writers block. My mind suddenly was unsure of what to share.  As a new blogger, I have difficulty seeing if anyone has read my post or even cares to.  So perhaps that is part of the reason for this block. I still have many thoughts on many topics, but then think....who cares what I think, or who wants another page telling them some ones opinion.  Don't we already have enough blah blah blah coming into our minds daily with the media and social media? So I won't share my opinion on anything today, I will just share what I have been doing. Well I started that new weekly "job" of watching my two adorable Grandbabies while their Mama works a part time job at our local coffee shop. I have learned from this experience a few things about myself.  Where do I begin?  * I learned that although I am a retired preschool teacher, where I taught a room full of 3-4 yea