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  TO OLD FOR A RESET Recently, I pulled out my old Barnes and Noble Nook. Way back in 2017, I jumped on the bandwagon of this newest technology of owning a device capable of storing a gazillion books all in one spot. Since I love reading, I thought I would love this Library in my pocket contraption. However, I found that I didn't like it at all. Don't get me wrong, it was well made,  I purchased the cute little case for it, I downloaded a million books. But I can honestly say, I don't believe I ever read to completion one of them. I found out I am a old school girl, I want the feel of the book in my hands, the smell of the paper pages and I wanted to have that tedious job of turning the pages. So, as I was saying, I pulled it out the other day thinking that maybe now, after all these years of reading blogs on my computer, perhaps I might enjoy reading books on a device. I dusted it off, charged it up and was ready to go, or so I thought. First thing I ran into was that it h


INVISIBLE She stands in a crowd, yet feels all alone. Somehow she feels unseen. So many conversations going on in her head,  but never does she allow them to escape through her voice. She holds so much inside, never wanting to be the problem or the added stressor. She puts on a smile, while trying to convince herself. But inside she feels numb, lost, unimportant and unnoticed. Loved when she is needed, then set aside until needed again. Her heart used to break, but now it doesn't even feel a thing. Day in, Day out, she does what she must,  while fighting the urge to scream. Everyone is living life, while she feels stuck  stuck on repeat, stuck in the now, nothing to look forward to, just the same day after day, year after year. Love, oh she loves,  loved, yes she believes she is,  but there is no sparkle anymore. She is becoming dull, no glow, no bounce in her step, seems only days of clouds and no sunshine. She feels like she is just fading away,  becoming invisible.  Be Blessed,

The Weight of The World

The Weight of The World The weight of the world, what a funny thing. It weighs you down, it is so crushing. You love so deeply that you can't say No, So others depend on you to show. Some days it's too much, hard to get out of bed,  but you get yourself up and off you tread. You do so much, while they expect more, they just can't see how overwhelmed you are. Pulled in five directions, not knowing which to choose,  Trying to please them all, not one you'd stand to lose. Forgetting to care for yourself, as so many of us do. Neglecting our own needs, often feeling blue. Blink away the tears, smile that smile, you know they all love you, you just need a little while. Take and push the pause and learn what's true, People that really love you will, it's not in what you do. So slow it way down, take a breather or two carrying the weight of the world is not for you to do. Lift up your head and breath in deep, put your burdens down, place them at his feet. You were made