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I WANT TO BE AN INFLUENCER Doesn't every one these days?  Oh you see them all trying to become famous by posting things about how to wear makeup, lose weight, be a perfect Mom, Be a guy that gets all the girls, Becoming a Girl Boss....Or Boss Babe. Yeh, society now a days is all about being an influencer.  But for me, I want to be a influencer of a different kind.  I want to see young girls feeling and knowing they are beautiful just as they are.  I want to see Mama's feeling loved and supported in the hard parts, but to be sure that loving their child is most important.  I want to see guys happy to get one nice, christian girl and be content to not keep looking to add more to his list.  I want to see women becoming strong while remaining feminine in the title of running their own business. Have you noticed that most influencers are all about comparing you to their idea of things.  "This is how you should wear your makeup so guys will like you, this is the size you should