The Weight of The World

The Weight of The World

The weight of the world, what a funny thing.

It weighs you down, it is so crushing.

You love so deeply that you can't say No,

So others depend on you to show.

Some days it's too much, hard to get out of bed, 

but you get yourself up and off you tread.

You do so much, while they expect more,

they just can't see how overwhelmed you are.

Pulled in five directions, not knowing which to choose, 

Trying to please them all, not one you'd stand to lose.

Forgetting to care for yourself, as so many of us do.

Neglecting our own needs, often feeling blue.

Blink away the tears, smile that smile,

you know they all love you, you just need a little while.

Take and push the pause and learn what's true,

People that really love you will, it's not in what you do.

So slow it way down, take a breather or two

carrying the weight of the world is not for you to do.

Lift up your head and breath in deep,

put your burdens down, place them at his feet.

You were made with purpose, not to live high speed,

take it all in stride, take the time you need.

Your shoulders are not big enough to carry them all,

The weight of the world is one heavy ball.

Be Blessed,

The Happy Farmwife


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