Things that cross my mind.

Why do we wish for time to ourselves, but then when we get it, we feel lost?

Why do people treat others mean, but then want to follow them on social media?

Why do people that never took the time to actually know others, gossip about others?

Why does the world make us all feel like we need fixed in some way?

Why do we go to college to learn from a person that only knows what they do from reading books?

Who wrote the books and where did their knowledge come from?

Why do we believe what others say, when everything in life is based on someones opinion?

Why do we trust what a doctor says, but question our car mechanic? Aren't they both guessing at diagnosing a problem by looking at symptoms?

Who educated the first educator?

Why do we have laws that don't support the original laws, the ten commandments?

Why do so many Christians judge others when the Bible says there is only one judge?

What would the world be like if we all just thought the same of everyone?

Why do we say we need to end racism, yet refer to people on the news as their race?

(Example: She is our first Black Vice President, he is our first Black President)

What if we all were just called people, using no descriptive words?

Why does it seem we need to know everyones sexual preference?

Why isn't anything private anymore?

Why do politicians want to take guns away from civilians, yet it is security carrying a gun that protect them at every event they go to? Don't we deserve security too?

Why can't we take their guns?

Why do we have bars if it is illegal to drink and drive? What is the point?

Why are bars allowed to keep serving you knowing you will have to drive home?

Why do people think of the bartender as their good friend when good friends don't let friends drive drunk?

Why is our world ok with killing unborn babies, but not ok with murder? Both is killing another living human!

Why is it a mother can choose to kill her unborn child and it is a her choice, but you are labeled a bad mother if you choose to not poison them with vaccinations?

Why do we start children out getting poked and injected with a bunch of toxins, yet spend their entire life telling them drugs are bad and needles administer heroin?

Why will we vaccinate, but worry about the cleaner we use in the nursery? Have you read the ingredients in vaccinations!

Why is it that a women being taken advantage of is a sad thing, but if it happens to a guy they don't get the same understanding?

Why is it that it takes a man and women to create a baby, but only the women gets to choose to abort it? 

Why did we fight for women rights, and forget that men deserve rights too?

Why don't we all deserve the same respect?

Why can a girl join BOY Scouts? and a boy join GIRL Scouts? 

Why don't we just make it "SCOUTS" and have it be all children, learning all skills including cooking and survival?

Why are women who choose to be housewives looked at as not working and are less than? But a husband that stays home is such a wonderful man to support his wife in her career.

Why are at-home mothers considered not working? Yet a man that is a stay at home Dad is a HERO!!

Why do we idolize athletes and actresses when they are just people like the rest of us?

Why do people say "I will Pray for you" and then they don't?

Why is it that men are made to feel weak if they show emotions? Aren't they human too?

Why do we have tax brackets depending on income rather than just having a percentage everyone pays know matter what they make? (like sales tax, everyone pays 6% of their income period)

Why do people get excited about the refund, when the refund is money owed to you that the government used without giving you interest?

Why can they charge astronomical interest, but the bank gives you peanuts in interest on money you let them use?

Why do we invent things without enough research, and then act surprised when people have bad side effects?

Why do we blame the drug companies for people becoming addicted to prescriptions, but don't blame the doctor that freely kept refilling the drug?

Why can we figure out a vaccination for a virus we know nothing about, yet after all these years of research people are still dying of cancer?

Why do people go to college to get a high paying job, going into debt that will take them twenty years or more to pay off once they get hired in the field?

 (* Doesn't sound like the education got them ahead of anything, but the kid that went to the fast food joint started out as a cashier and worked his way up to be manager.....and he has no debt, yet achieved management or higher positions by working for it. Who is the smart one now?

Hmmm, just a few things I think about. 

What would you add to the list?

Comments are welcome!

Be Blessed, 

The Happy Farmwife


Anonymous said…
Lol boy oh boy these questions will keep me up at night. I think these are all great conversation starters. I think the answer to most of the questions is that we do in fact live in a fallen world, one where satan has taken good things and twisted them to be bad.
All good questions!

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