Give me What I Want and Give it To me Now!

 Give me What I want and Give it to Me NOW!

Recently in a Bible study I am doing, I am learning about prayer. 

It is a very good study, and I am learning much. I think it is safe to say a large majority of people I know do pray. But I would also say that many only pray when they need something, I am included in this. Over the years, since losing my brother, my prayer life has changed.

Prior to my loss, I prayed when others requested prayer. I prayed when I wanted something from God. And when my brother first passed away, I stopped praying completely. 

In my book, I tell of how difficult it was even to do the daily devotions my husband and I have been doing every morning for many years. When I did pray, after his passing, it was more of yelling at him for what he "allowed to happen" rather than thanking him for my brother to begin with. He held on, even in my ranting.

He saved me in those dark days after losing my brother and because of his steadfastness, I found myself wanting to be closer to him. 

 A good way to be closer to God is to read your Bible and Pray. Getting to know him through the word is a good place to start, but praying is relational, he wants a relationship with us.  Think about it, you can't have a relationship with anyone without talking to them. God is no different.

The Study, where I am in it at this time, is going over Psalm 139. In this Psalm more than half of David's words are words of adoration. So the study asks, how my prayers are proportioned. How much of my prayer is adoration for him and how much of my prayer is petitioning....asking for what I want.

It goes on to ask, how does my proportions show my central purpose for my prayer. Am I praying to get what I want, am I praying with adoration and worship for all that he is. Am I praying that he will do things my way, or am I praying that he do things as he sees fit. Am I believing in his power.

It is true that God knows every thought we have, every word we say before we even say it. He sees all, knows all, which means he is also aware when we come to him only to get what we want.  

 We need to acknowledge, when we begin our conversation with God that he is powerful, in control, can do all things. Nothing is impossible with God. God deserves praise. God deserves worship. He is sovereign, honored, all powerful. We cannot do anything without him.

We can and should be Thankful, as my prayers always did begin with Thankfulness. But my prayers didn't neccessarily  show adoration for our amazing Creator. 

Psalm 139:14 "I will praise you because I have been remarkably and wondrously made. Your works are wondrous, and I know this very well." 

Let's just start right here, he created me, he has done great things for me, he is mighty in all that he has accomplished in my life. He is worthy of both "thanks" and "Praise" for everything I am and all that I have. It all comes from him.

When we start with Adoration, it changes how we ask.  When we start with adoration, we acknowledge his power. When we realize we are nothing without him. We would have nothing without him. Literally life begins and ends with him.

We then can ask, knowing that he has the power to do what we ask. 

 Our God is miraculous.

 He is powerful.

 He can do all things.....we can do nothing without him.

 We need him.

We need to remember that he can and will answer.

When we have adoration the more submissive we will be to his will.

  We are NOT in control, he is. Even though he knows our every thought, our every desire, we must take it to him with adoration and make our request in conversation with him. You cannot have a friendship or relationship without having conversation. He wants to hear from us. He wants a relationship with us. 

When you come before God with a petition, you need to know, he has the power to give you what you want. But he will not give you what you want if it is not what he sees as good for you. And he knows better than we do. He can see further than we can. He knows our life from beginning to end before we even were formed.

Hannah didn't stop asking for a son, and she went to God for many years. She didn't understand why he was not giving her a child. She knew he had the power to make her conceive. It was many years of asking, when he blessed her with her son, Samuel. 

He answers, he hears, he is ok with you asking, even if you ask for years. 

He is powerful, he answers every prayer, but we must remember that he answers in his time and he answers what is his will for us. His plan is to advance his Kingdom through us,therefore, his answer will be what will help advance his Kingdom

His answer isn't always the answer we want, but it is always for our good.

He gave Hannah her son, in his time and for a good reason. Hannah was obedient to God. She trusted and believed in his reasoning, even when she didn't understand. 

He is above all. Adoration for God will help you to have faith in his wisdom, in his power. It will help you to pray his will, not your own.  You will trust in him, for he is a good father, his will is always right. 

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Go to him with Adoration, acknowledge his power, accept his will for your life. He sees all, knows all, and even when we don't see the reasoning behind things, he is in control.  Every prayer, no matter how small or how big, spoke eloquently or fumbled, he hears and he answers. By showing adoration to him, acknowledging his love for you, you will realize that his will is always better than yours. 

Be patient, the answer is coming. Believe in the power of God.

He is growing your faith as you wait. Trust in him. Praise him! 

In the study, there was a few points that really hit my heart, and made me pause and think.

 "God may not come when you want him to, but he is always on time."

"God will answer according to His will and in His time for He never delays for no reason. It is probable that in your waiting, He is preparing you to see his Glory."

And this one especially touched my heart,

 (God) "He didn't cause pain aimlessly. (in Hannah)

 ( but perhaps)"He wanted to birth something beautiful in her heart before he allowed it to happen in her womb."

Be Blessed,

The Happy Farmwife

**the Bible study is , "When you Pray" it can be purchased on Amazon and several Christian websites. It is written by Kelly Minter, Jackie Hill Perry, Jen Wilkin, Jennifer Rothschild, Jada Edwards, and Kristi McLelland


Pam said…
I ❤️ THIS!!! Beautifully written Dawn!

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