Where Have I been?

 Wonder Where I have Been?

I started this blog with so many ideas of what I wanted to share, and all at once I hit a writers block.

My mind suddenly was unsure of what to share.  As a new blogger, I have difficulty seeing if anyone has read my post or even cares to.  So perhaps that is part of the reason for this block.

I still have many thoughts on many topics, but then think....who cares what I think, or who wants another page telling them some ones opinion.  Don't we already have enough blah blah blah coming into our minds daily with the media and social media?

So I won't share my opinion on anything today, I will just share what I have been doing.

Well I started that new weekly "job" of watching my two adorable Grandbabies while their Mama works a part time job at our local coffee shop. I have learned from this experience a few things about myself.  Where do I begin? 

* I learned that although I am a retired preschool teacher, where I taught a room full of 3-4 year olds, it is not the same when it is your grandchildren.

*I learned that being with the Grands this often requires this "Greema" to have to say "no" to things and discipline when needed......and ugh is that a hard one. (It is true, Grandparents have a difficult time with that word "no")

*I learned that I am older than I was back with the classroom full, because some days I come home and want to already go to bed....at 5 p.m.......true story!

*I learned that I haven't changed much from when I was a Mama to my own children.  I still question everything I say and do, and sadly do sometimes cry myself to sleep thinking I did it all wrong on certain days.

*I learned that my heart hasn't changed in how I view children and how I feel about the importance of choosing proper ways to teach and guide while making sure to not crush a spirit or cause a insecurity that they will carry throughout their lives. (I take any time spent around children very seriously, God gives us these precious empty boxes, it is up to us to fill them with only good things.)

*I learned that its true we take after our parents, as I see the strong will of my son in both of his girls.

*I learned that, just like as a Mom, when you are with the children sometimes you need a breather.....but once you are away from them you miss them. (Ask their Mama, I have literally called the next day since I work every other, and have said "I miss the girls!" so she will face time me so I can see them!)

*I learned that when you are with your Grandbabies weekly, like this, you really do form a bond with their Mama and become a team with the same goal of making sure these sweet girls know they are loved beyond measure even on the tough days.

*I learned that I am so blessed that my Grandbabies live within 5 minutes of me, and my heart hurts for the grandparents whose are not so close.

*I learned that I am making memories that the girls hopefully will carry with them long after I am gone of fun things we did together.

*I learned that hearing your grandchild giggle uncontrollably while you act like a crazy woman dancing around is the best thing, even if the UPS man just walked up with a package and you are pretty sure he saw you through the window jumping up and down playing the air guitar to the "Alphabet Exercise Guy" video Letter G.

*I learned that Grandbabies seem to grow faster, and that the older I get the quicker it seems to go.

*I learned that my heart breaks when they are sad about anything and everything. Grandbaby tears are so hard to see.

*I learned that the cuddles are the best! Those little arms around my neck, as they give the tightest hug ever feels amazing!

*I learned that not just babies fall asleep at nap time, that "Nuggling" might just be code for "let's put Greema down for a nap" as I often keep dozing off while trying to get them to fall asleep.

*I learned that it is so funny hearing the children repeat things you don't realize you say all the time, such as "Oh My Goodness" and "chew, chew, chew". (Yes my son has informed me that his girls tell him to chew his food so he doesn't choke)

*I learned that they think I hung the moon......Until Papa shows up to play too.

*I learned that the best thing in life is to be called Grandma, but even better when they give you their own selected name ....I started out as "Gamma" then she switched it up to "Greema" and that seems to be the last and Final Cut. 

*I learned that it is important that I stay healthy.  So I take it more serious what I put in my body and how active I stay. I have a lot to look forward to and I don't want to miss a thing.

*I learned that Grandbabies love you just as you are!

*I learned that my life is Grand......and that a big part of that is because of these sweet Girls God Blessed our Family with!

Love, The Happy Farmwife 


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