Doesn't every one these days?  Oh you see them all trying to become famous by posting things about how to wear makeup, lose weight, be a perfect Mom, Be a guy that gets all the girls, Becoming a Girl Boss....Or Boss Babe.

Yeh, society now a days is all about being an influencer.  But for me, I want to be a influencer of a different kind.  I want to see young girls feeling and knowing they are beautiful just as they are.  I want to see Mama's feeling loved and supported in the hard parts, but to be sure that loving their child is most important.  I want to see guys happy to get one nice, christian girl and be content to not keep looking to add more to his list.  I want to see women becoming strong while remaining feminine in the title of running their own business.

Have you noticed that most influencers are all about comparing you to their idea of things.  "This is how you should wear your makeup so guys will like you, this is the size you should be, especially after having your children to look perfect, and to be your own boss you must act like a tough SOB that needs no man!"

Me, I want to be an influencer for Jesus.  I want others to look at me and see him.  As a Jesus influencer, I want to be the reason people re-evaluate the choices they are making, read their Bible and turn toward the path that leads to everlasting life.

It isn't judging others to say that certain things are not acceptable in the eyes of God.  As a Influencer, I want to share the Bible, show where to find the actual words written by those who walked with Jesus, spoke directly to God and define exactly how God intended us to live and be.

The world has so many influencers that are working with the worse boss of all....Satan.

I think it is sad that so many people think they cannot be strong, confidant humans unless they follow the crowd.  Imagine how much better the world would have been had we never stopped seeing ourselves as God sees us.  Imagine if "self help" books were never written or published.  Imagine if make up was never made, we all would just be going around happy with our natural skin tones and lashes.   Think about all the things our world has now that were supposed to make things better but only added to the issues so many face in life.  Imagine a world where not one person is insecure. 

If I was a influencer, I would be encouraging others to wipe the slate clean.  Start over, think of the things that add to your discontentment.  Remove all that the world has put into our minds and hearts, and start from the point of the day God created you, looked at you and said "You are perfect!" 

I'm not saying you need to stop wearing your make up, I am saying wouldn't it be nice if you truly thought yourself beautiful without it.  I am not saying stop dressing in your favorite styles, I am saying wouldn't it be nice to know that we are beautiful/handsome and loved even if we only own a potato sack on.  I am not saying you can't run your own business as a female, I am saying wouldn't it be nice to still be a soft, feminine lady who just so happens is intelligent enough to be able to run a company and still wish to be cared for by a man.  

I am old fashioned I guess, but I think that life was just better lived in the days before all the comparisons.  Life was better lived when we all helped our neighbors rather than competed with them.  Life was better when we just lived!  God provided, we followed those ten simple rules given to us so long ago.  We bartered with our neighbors, lended helping hands whenever needed.  Back when everyone knew everyone and everyone prayed for each other. 

Our children wouldn't be so confused with life if we cleared out all that is not from God.  God was an amazing creator, he had a perfect design for the world and his children.  It is sad so many have turned away from him.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that humans have destroyed life for everyone.  Our world is so corrupt, sad, and dark.  The new generations do not have a clue as to how much harder they make things for themselves.

Following Jesus doesn't have to be hard.  Our world is making it look hard because Satan is taking over.  Last thing he wants is for you to see how easy it can be to be a follower of Jesus.

The only Influencer I want to follow is Jesus.  He Lived and Died following all that his Father God asked of him.  Even when he was asked to give up his life on a cross to save all of us from our own wrong choices and sins. 

I want to be an Influencer......I want to be like Jesus.....I want to get followers following him!  I want to see Jesus with a post about the gazillion followers he has.  You can follow an influencer about make up or getting lots of girls, but only one influencer will lead you to heaven!  



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