So I recently started this blog, and planned to use it for a few things.

One was to follow a dream to share my writings.  Two was to put some positive out in the world. Three was just for fun.

So I posted my first blog post, shared it on facebook.  I was pleased with a few commenting and some wanting to know how to follow to not miss any of my writings.  So I posted a second post, again, comments, new followers.  Now mind you, this is a blog......I am not a author that has ever published anything. I do not make any money off my writings. This was just a fun outlet, a place to share things that pop into my head.  A place of very little to none controversial topics, absolutely zero politics, just the meandering thoughts of a happy farm wife....hence the Blog Title.  

I was trying to space out my blog post, however, I know other bloggers that post daily.  I posted on Good Friday, and received more messages complimenting my writing.  The last blog post was about how quickly our children grow up and how before we know it, we are tossing toys out to the end of the driveway.  For some reason , this was the one that broke facebooks back.  Suddenly I received not one but several notifications saying I broke rules on facebook, that my post was being removed, that no one but me would be able to see it and if I continued I would be banned from facebook all together.

Hmmmm, what did I do wrong, I had no clue.  No one was forced to follow by Blog, no one was forced to remain my friend on facebook.  I didn't send links to strangers.  I literally was sharing this Blog and its post to my friends and family.  But facebook declared I was not compliant, removed all my post and said something to the effect of possibly Spamming.  The then went further to remove my Linktre link I had in my Bio that had my business links listed as well as my Blog, stating that it was removed because it broke Compliance.  That link has been on my facebook for over a year and was fine, so I am guessing again, they are attacking my blog.

I am so confused by all of this, that here I am posting a blog post hoping other bloggers can fill me in on what I possibly have done wrong to be kicked off facebook.  Asking, how do I share my writing if social media will not allow me to?

I can't help but feel centered out, picked on in a way......I see post that disrespect officials. I see post that are borderline, some not borderline but straight out pornographic. I see post that are quite frankly upsetting......but my Blog, sharing the simple thoughts of a Country Mama are not ok for Facebook......

Needless to say, I deleted Facebook, because if I can't share positive there, well I don't want any part of the negative.  They now have also taken my link out of my Bio on Instagram as the accounts were linked not only have they removed my ability to share my blog, but they removed my ability to run my business.

My final thought on all of this is.....if you don't think our world is being controlled.....if you don't think that evil is taking over, you don't have your eyes open.  When social media will allow scantily clad young women post pornographic photos in thongs, but won't allow a blog post about loving our children and enjoying every moment......this world is headed for a very hot place, and I am not talking a beautiful resort on a island.

If you support my blog, I thank you!

The Happy Farm Wife


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