So this morning I was scrolling my social media accounts and came across a post that said this:

"The Biggest difference between money and time.....

You always know how much money you have, but you never know how much time you have."

Hmmmm, My Husband and I have been together nearly 37 years.  We have a happy marriage.  But we see differently when it comes to time and money.

He was raised that if there is work to be done, you better be doing it. If you are offered overtime, you need to take it.  He kept both his parents for a very long time, His Mom passed at 82 years old, His Dad just this past November at 95.  I on the other hand lost my father when I was only 3 years old, my father was 32 when his time on earth ended.  My point here is that he hadn't lost anyone really close in his life early, so to him, we all have lots of time.  To me, who lost my Dad when he was only 32 years old...Time is of the essence.

 I agree it is important when you have bills to pay to work hard to pay them. Debt is a stressor, and stress also is a time robber.  So, Yes, if given an opportunity to work a little extra, sure, occasionally, why not.

But I also was made aware at a very young age that time can run out at any age.  Jim gets frustrated when he hears of someone turning down overtime, he always comes back with, "why would they do that, look how much money they are turning down."  This might make my husband sound greedy, which he is not at all.  He just views work and money different than I do.  He sees the person having a house payment or other (necessary) debt and sees this as a way to make a extra payment.

For Me I see it both ways, sure if you work those extra hours you will make that extra money, to pay that extra payment.  But what if your time runs out before you can even receive the pay for the over time?What if your time runs out before you can even write that extra payment?

 What did you even gain?! 

I am all for working hard, going the extra mile for your company or boss...but occasionally go ahead and turn those extra hours down.  Your days are numbered, your time with your children & spouse is limited.  Don't lose time to make a extra dollar.

Balance.....it is all about balance.  Make sure you aren't losing time making money, because what matters Money can't buy.

The Happy Farmwife


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