A well known athletic brand has the catch phrase, "JUST DO IT".  They have used that phrase for so many years that most can't hear it without picturing their logo, the Nike Swish.  

Last night as I was laying in bed, I kept thinking of this phrase......"JUST DO IT" and as I thought about it I thought about the many times I didn't "Just do it" out of fear of failure, or sometimes just plain old fear of the unknown.

I have always had a love for Literature, Poetry, Quotes.  The Library was my favorite place in the world when I was a kid, I loved Library day at school.  The smell of books, ahhhhhhh!  A visit to the Library was always on the calendar each week as I was raising my children.  My Love of Books and written word started way back when I was a small child and I still love them today.

I can still remember Book covers (not necessarily all the Titles) of books I checked out from my elementary school Library.  Mrs. Lenberg (not sure on the spelling) would often say over her little black glasses, that rested on her nose, "Dawn, looks like you picked some good ones, but remember you are only allowed to check out three."  Ugh, how difficult for my little 6 or 8 year old self to choose which to put back for another time.

Writing, oh how I dreamed of being a Author.  I would picture myself upstairs in a old farm house, with birds chirping and me just typing away.  I grew up with not a lot of money, Daddy had passed when me and my siblings were quite young, Mom did the best she could raising and supporting five children under the age of 10 at the time of his passing.  Yet every year at Christmas, she did the best she could to get us what we had requested.  We had a old manual typewriter that was my Grandpas I used to play around on, but they had come out with  electric typewriters and man did I ever want one of those fancy, story making, master machines.  I believe I was 13 when I asked for one for Christmas, and to my surprise, I found the exact one I picked out of the JC Penney catalog under the tree that morning.

Writing, ahhhh, I always wanted to write. 

 Fear......oh how it can stop us, but it doesn't kill the dream.  When my nephew fought in the War in Iraq, I wrote a small book of poetry for him.  Was told by many, "You should get that published!"  But I never even attempted to.  I feared, "what if someone steals my work as their own?", "what if they critique it and tell me I have zero ability in writing", "what if they correct all my grammar errors and I can't remember the correct way to fix it".  Fear......

Today, I am 55 years old, and I am throwing fear away.  My dream of writing and sharing my thoughts as a writer has never left.  So today, I am going to "JUST DO IT".  What is the worst that can happen, other than I might be the only one reading my blog.....do I hear crickets?!

I am here to share my thoughts, my life as a farmwife, as well as my other titles....Mama, Gamma/Greema, Christian.  To you who happened upon this blog post, I hope you will check back and read The meanderings of my mind.  Because I am just here, doing my dream because a small voice inside told me "JUST DO IT".

The Happy Farmwife


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Can’t wait to read more! Very “hygge”
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Can't wait for next posting
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So awesome, can’t wait to read more.
Anonymous said…
Thank you
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Book lovers are the most interesting people! I'm listening
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